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Photovoltaic systems for homeowners / private users

Protect the environment and save money with modern photovoltaic systems

With a high-quality solar system you do not only reduce the energy consumption of your home, but also considerably reduce your household expenses – with every hour you use it! Due to the now very fair system prices the kilowatt hour of electricity can be produced for less than 8 cents instead of buying them for about 30 cents.

Today's homeowner from tomorrow favours modern future solar technologies …

Environmental protection is important to everyone. Whoever wants to act forward-looking and responsible should use renewable energies. Solar energy is an inexhaustible source of energy. With the photovoltaic systems from ZSD Solar you can generate your own environmentally friendly energy in Germany and all our European neighbouring countries.

Be a pioneer in climate protection and the model for future generations – with a photovoltaic system on your roof you can do so and safe a lot of money literally on top!

Systematic individuality with ZSD Solar from Germany / Emsbüren

Regardless of the form or aligning of your roof we design complete solar systems that are precisely tailored to your individual needs and thus represent a perfect result.

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