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Solar technology for agricultural holdings from Germany

The use of renewable energies is an important step for sustainable agriculture

You are the owner of an agricultural holding and think of using solar technologies for your advantages? We are your experts for this technology in agriculture throughout Germany, the Netherlands and other European neighbours.

Support your agricultural operations with an almost inexhaustible source of energy. We will inform you personally about an individually designed system for your building or roof.

An individual solar energy system – a wise invest for your agricultural holding

In addition to saving energy you can sell the energy won by your solar system in many countries like Germany. Although the paid prices have been reduced, solar / photovoltaic systems still generate attractive returns.

There are also various options for partly financing the purchase of a solar system. There are subsidy programs and special credit offers. We also inform you about that.

With a professional network of partners we offer complete services …

In order to provide you with perfect solar technology, we work with experienced system partners like roofing, electrical, plumbing and heating installers.

Are you interested? Our consultation directly at your sight is free of charge. Just give us a call on +49 5903 932 02-0 (Emsbüren / Germany). We are looking forward to consulting you soon.

Reduce the energy costs for your agricultural holding. We tell you how!